Answers before the question

I love discovering new things, learning new facts and collecting information. But lately I have realized that sometimes in this search for answers, I’ve forgotten why I am searching.

Last week I was busy telling Jesse what I thought the answer was to an issue we were having in our relationship and in his profound wisdom he said: How can we begin with answers if we don’t know the question? His question has resonated within me. A great researcher cannot begin her study without formulating her question first. Her methodology nor her methods are worthless and meaningless without the question.

Not so ironically, as the universe is bound to do in my life, the question came at me again just a few days later. I was in a yoga class and our instructor asked us to come to our mat with questions. Our spiritual practice of meditation should not always be about setting an intention, he said, but coming to our mat with questions. Allowing questions to rise through our daily practice and observing those questions. And above all being comfortable in the midst of questions without expecting answers.

Can I do that? Can I live in a world of questions without answers? These particular questions plagued me during my practice yesterday morning. And I’ve realized that the most intriguing and fascinating people I have met are the ones that ask questions and are safe not knowing the answers.

Can I trust that I will be safer in the cradle of a question mark rather than a full stop in my life? …the first question on my quest to asking more questions.

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