Where do you find God?

Yesterday I sat with an older woman who was sharing with me her passion and strong desire to write and advocate for the honey bees. She was telling me all kinds of mysterious facts and fascinating wonders of these miraculous flying insects. She also was sharing about their disappearance and how important it was that we fight for their little lives – because our lives depend on them. She paused for a moment and then she leaned forward, and with a light in her eye she said – the thing that draws her closest to wanting to learn and share about the bees is that the mystery that encompasses their very existence draws her closer to God. She found herself drawing closer to God because of these tiny little creatures.

Last Sunday, Jesse and I were sitting with a couple we had just met in Boulder. It was one of those fabulous moments that some of us call synchronistic. I had met her at yoga and instantly clicked and so we decided to bring our significant others out to meet and have breakfast. Quite quickly we began to share our own spiritual journeys – something that isn’t usually done on the “first date”. As we were talking about how we connect to God – and how we find a greater connection to God in various ways – my friend said that since she married her husband she has found God in their union. That she has begun to understand the true holiness of a Higher Being in the way that she and her husband live life day to day. The actual present being of all types of emotions and realness is found to both of them in their marriage. Not the sticky sweet unrealistic perfect marriage – but in the reality of relationship. She said that what they have together brings forth God for her.

These two moments have really touched me this week. I love how we can all find God in our different ways. How each path to God is unique – there is no right way, no cookie cutter way. The institutional church had me believing that I was to find God in the church pews, with my hands lifted high, speaking some strange language, and talking to a father God. But that’s not the way I was ever really able to connect or find a genuine relationship with God. Perhaps that works for some – and maybe that’s ok (actually, I am still working on thinking through if that is ok or not). The institutional church has dictated for a few thousand years how we see God and how we feel that connection. But the connection must be genuine and it can’t come from what a book tells us to do or what a pastor tells us to do. We are all wired so differently. I connect with my various friends in different ways – each of our relationships and our communication styles are different. And that is God to me – unique to each of us.

So when I connect with God in a quiet meditation on my mat in yoga, or on a hike to the top of a mountain, or even in understanding unwavering love from a puppy that is my personal connection to God. It’s not someone else’s path – it’s mine, and it’s unique. I only understood this unique connection to God once I left the church – and someday maybe I will go back when my foundation in this link is stronger. But until then I find daily how fantastic this great big mother God can be to me – she wraps me in her big arms or points out something that I had never seen or considered at the most unique times – because I am looking for her in the present moment (or even when I am not really paying attention). I have begun to let go of all of the unhelpful doctrine of the church and have begun to look for an organic connection to the Divine. She and I have our own connection and relationship that is growing – not because she is closer to me, but because I am choosing to find her in more genuine ways. I love that each of us has our own story, each of us has our own unique personality, and each of us can connect with a higher power in our own ways. Thank God for that – otherwise life would be pretty boring!

How fabulous that we are drawn closer to God by bees, through relationships, and by so many big and little things in life.

Where do you find God?

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  1. Hi darling! It’s Nico. I read this post and I felt compelled to comment. I love your perspective and I think it’s the right one (although “right” sounds like I have some sort of wisdom or authority that I actually do not have…haha). The traditional church has not done a lot to promote the uniqueness of God’s relationship with His children. The church, unfortunately, has stuck more with enforcing a system of Laws that they think will keep people in line and as long as people are inside the lines, there is safety and security.

    Here is the biggest thing the church (not all churches I’ll point out) is missing. The Law is gone. GONE. GONE AWAY. In the bible, before Jesus came to earth and dies on the cross, there was a law in place. It was the law that is always wrongly quoted when people say you can’t do certain things on certain days or eat certain things. The law was necessary to keep order, punish for sin, etc, etc. What Jesus did is that he came as a propitiation (meaning by definition the turning away of wrath by an offering) for our sins and therefore the Law was not needed anymore. Paul in the book of Romans does a much better job of this than I do. See below.

    For what the Law could not do, weak as it was through the flesh, God did: sending His own Son in the likeness of sinful flesh and as an offering for sin, He condemned sin in the flesh, so that the requirement of the Law might be fulfilled in us, who do not walk according to the flesh but according to the Spirit. For those who are according to the flesh set their minds on the things of the flesh, but those who are according to the Spirit, the things of the Spirit. Romans 8:3–4

    So you are right, we need to break free from what we think we need to do to make a connection with God. There need to be no rituals, no sacrifices, no hard and fast rules. It’s you and Him…if you feel closest to God when you are in the presence of your friends and family, think to yourself that God placed those extraordinary people in your life and not by accident. If you feel closest to go on a mountain top, think to yourself about the power and majesty it took for God to make that mountain. If you feel closest to God while looking at a busy bee, think about the miraculous process of how a bee can produce honey that tastes sweet on your lips. That is true worship in God’s house.

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