Pope Vows Never to ‘Tolerate’ Lady Priests

Pope Vows Never to ‘Tolerate’ Lady Priests.

It’s Easter Weekend and what better way to celebrate the death and resurrection of the man who apparently, according to the Pope,  reinforced a woman’s role in society as being beneath him and certainly not as an equal. Right, wasn’t that what Jesus came to do? Thank you Pope Benedict for keeping us women in our place.

I am shocked that we are still in these kind of discussions. And perhaps more shocked that men like the Pope are still allowed to lead people – considering at least half of his “flock” are women.

This kind of talk does not just come from Catholics, I’ve sat in many a protestant church service being told that as a woman it is not my role to be a leader, that I must submit to man – because that’s what the bible says. The saddest thing is realizing how long I sat through those sermons, how long I listened to such rubbish until I finally said ENOUGH! Any one can take the bible and pull whatever they want from it. If we were to look solely at the life of Jesus then we will be able to see that Jesus stood up against these type of men that used scripture incorrectly and to dominate and oppress. Jesus was a man, yes, but a man that stood for equality, and perhaps one of the first male feminists. Jesus was against hierarchy, against patriarchy.

Ok my latest topic has been inspired by Pope Benedict… sadly, thank you sir for such a great example of patriarchy and religion.

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